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Mutual Accountability

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you as a partner in your search for top talent.

At SearchWorks, we pride ourselves on our focus and dedication to developing deeper relationships with our clients.  It is only through the fostering of trusted relationships that we are able to find you talent who possess the skills necessary to excel at the job and personality traits that are aligned with your organization's culture.

To ensure that we are in alignment with you at every stage of this search process, we suggest the following mutual commitment:    

Our Commitment to You.

Thorough assessment, prior to each search assignment, based on our areas of expertise and the timing and urgency of each search.

A timeline or project plan for your search to confirm that expectations are aligned, respective roles are agreed upon and that all parties are committed to the process.
Qualification of candidates based on skills, chemistry, and motivation. Once we have qualified potential candidates, we take careful consideration to insure that we present those who meet your criteria and would be motivated by the right opportunity.

Coordination of the interview, ensuring that all parties are prepared. Candidates are given an in-depth understanding of the position, company and people. Hiring managers are provided with detailed information regarding a candidate's interest, motivation, compensation, and family when appropriate.

Assistance with candidates in tendering their resignation and facilitating a seamless transition into your organization.

Your Commitment to Us.

A commitment to action. Your action may be a "yes" or a "no" or you may require additional information. Our only real challenge in the search process is a lack of a decision.

Timely communication within 24 hours of both presenting candidates and interviewing candidates.

Working with us to follow a consistent interview process. If you have a specific preference in how we will work together, please bring this to our attention prior to beginning the search.

Access, when necessary, to the ultimate decision maker in addition to the hiring authority.

Thank you for your trust in SearchWorks. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

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